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For its entire 20-year history, the Alliance has undertaken and promoted ecological restoration of various sites at the Badger property under different property ownership scenarios, starting with the Army in 1997. Volunteer work parties have helped control invasive species, collect seeds, plant prairie and manage remnant prairie and savanna sites.

The property has several restored or remnant prairies, including the “Kindschi Prairie” situated along Highway 12, south of the main Badger entrance gate; the “Fordham Prairie” that was planted near the main entrance to Badger in memory of the former Badger Plant manager, Dave Fordham, who envisioned a great portion of the Army facility turned into native prairie grassland; and, the “Hillside Prairie,” a 16-acre patch of native prairie that is one of the few extant prairies once a part of the original 14,000-acre Sauk Prairie.

To the degree possible under current ownership, the Alliance assists with management on these and other sites. Work parties help pull invasive weeds, cut and herbicide weedy non-native shrubs, and monitor unwanted plants.

Each year the Alliance plans and hosts volunteer work parties on prairie sites at Badger. Check our calendar of events for this season’s work parties and events.


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