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New Project Focus: Prairie Corridor along Great Sauk Trail

In summer 2020, the Alliance received a small grant from Sauk County to plan a “prairie corridor” along the Great Sauk Trail that runs through Badger.  Our goal is to restore high quality native prairie on the railroad right-of-way immediately adjoining the Trail.  This narrow corridor will serve as a showpiece of color and diversity for visitors to the Trail and also as a repository and source of rare prairie seeds for future restoration work at Badger.

We have contracted prairie restoration specialist Jeb Barzen, who has 30 years of restoration ecology experience, to develop the restoration plan for this 100-foot wide, 4+-mile long corridor.  Jeb spent much of last month mapping the existing vegetation, soil and other aspects of the corridor.  He is developing working maps and his restoration plan this fall.  We anticipate beginning site preparation for an initial small planting in spring 2021 and then planting seeds later next year.

During our September 19 volunteer work day, we shifted our focus from our beloved Hillside Prairie to the Trail corridor project.  Our crew of six cut trees and brush, clearing the way for the future prairie restoration.




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