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Badger Documentary Completed!

At its 20th anniversary celebration on May 17th and in front of a crowd of 160 guests, the Alliance premiered its 26-minute documentary on the 20-year transformation of the former Badger Army Ammunition Plant, “Restoring the Sauk Prairie: A Story of Hope and Healing.”  What began last summer as a “short (5-7 minute) video” to offer a brief overview of the organization’s 20-year history quickly morphed into a full documentary.  Our video shares stories from a dozen individuals who have offered their unique personal perspective on the changes that have come to Badger.  Our interviewees include founders and early members of the Alliance, farmers, DNR staff that were involved in the decision-making, the former president of the Ho-Chunk Nation and local and national politicians (including Senator Tammy Baldwin).

We are grateful to Drop Frame Productions (Prairie du Sac) with whom we worked for the past 9 months to create this video and to our many fiscal sponsors for their support:  Drop Frame Productions, Dr. George and Kyoko Archibald, Virginia Metcalf, Ron & Paulette Walker Smith, Charlie Luthin, Kayser Chrysler-Sauk City, John & Nancy Diekelmann, Gary Werner & Melanie Lord, Riverway Business Connections, Rainbow Floral, Joan Fordham, Levi Wood and anonymous.

We are still looking for individual and corporate sponsors for the video!  If you like what you see and wish to support this important piece of Sauk County and Wisconsin history, we’d love to talk to you.  Sponsors will be recognized in the final version of the video.

CLICK HERE to see to the video.   We hope you enjoy it!  (NOTE: This may appear as a low-resolution video depending on the speed of your internet connection.)

Our goal now is to “take the show on the road” and share this video with as many audiences as we can.  We’ll be setting up showings in communities throughout the region over the coming months.  If you would like a video showing at a specific venue or event, please contact the Alliance at:

Furthermore, we will be seeking funding to replicate the video onto DVDs for distribution to schools, libraries, historical societies and individuals.  Stay tuned.  Within the year, you too can own this important documentary!


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