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Alliance offers initial response to DNR’s Draft Master Plan

The Sauk Prairie Conservation Alliance has issued a press release following a preliminary review of the DNR’s long-awaited Draft Master Plan for the 3,400-acre Sauk Prairie Recreation Area in the former Badger Army Ammunition Plant. The Alliance is pleased that the draft plan proposes considerable grassland and oak opening habitat management and ecological restoration throughout the property. By maintaining large tracts of grassland, rare grassland nesting bird species and other wildlife will reside there. The draft plan contains several seemingly inappropriate “high impact” recreation activities, including motorcycles on bike and horse trails and a special rocketry area. In its application to the National Park Service’s Federal Lands to Parks program, DNR explicitly stated that the property will be used for “low impact recreation.”

The Alliance continues its thorough review and analysis of the 160-page draft plan. To find the major components of the Plan, click here.

To read the recent press release, click here.

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