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DNR Draft Master Plan for Sauk Prairie Recreation Area.

For several years we’ve expected to see the Draft Master Plan for the 3,400-acre DNR parcel at Badger dubbed the Sauk Prairie Recreation Area. Although we have heard of no release date as of this posting, we fully anticipate that it will be imminently forthcoming—certainly this summer. We expect that the lion’s share of the property will be devoted to low impact recreation and protection of wildlife habitat, but there is still uncertainty whether high impact activities (like ATV trails and a shooting range) will be proposed in this forthcoming Plan. For all scenarios, members of the Alliance will undertake a thorough review of the Draft Plan and share our analysis and response with Alliance members, the media and the DNR. Please check this website regularly to get the latest information on the DNR’s Draft Master Plan! Citizens will have only 45 days to comment following its release.

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