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Visit DNR Lands at Badger

Since April, the DNR’s Sauk Prairie Recreation Area has been open for public use.  It is open daily from one hour before sunrise to one hour after sunset.  Access is only through the Main Gate on Highway 12.  A DNR vehicle sticker is not required to be on the property.  Only a few of the roads in the SPRA are open, but those that are provide good access to the whole property.  Specific information on the public use of the property and a map of the available roads is available at the Main Gate and on the SPRA webpage at  Now is a great time to visit the Badger Lands that have been off limits for so many years!

While the public lands managed by the DNR are open for public use, the lands of the Ho-Chunk Nation (HCN) and the Dairy Forage Research Center (DFRC) are currently closed to public access.  Please respect the ownership of the HCN and the DFRC by not entering into their lands.

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